Meaningless Mondays

Today is Monday, and I am going to work. Of course, to me it feels like some kind of half-saturday – my sixth day at work since last Wednesday. I was working ten-hour day shifts for the last 5 days, and today I’m starting ten-hour mid-shifts finishing at 10pm: I’ll be doing those ’til next Friday. In a way today’s Monday morning is like a weekend morning off, or maybe a Sunday evening before work. Next Monday I’ll be on twilight shifts, working late afternoon through to 3am. I’ll need to sleep until midday, and my literal afternoons become my figurative mornings/evenings, depending on your point of view. It’s no surprise that when a patient asked me what day it was today, I didn’t know. image

Embarrassing, but not surprising.


5 responses to “Meaningless Mondays

  1. If you are doing shifts you must be an ER doc. Lucky Lucky. At least your day ends. I was in neurosurgery before I got sick (3 pacemakers and one hell of an autoimmune disease). I think my record was 48 hours at work. But there has always been animosity between the ED and neurosurgery bc every time someone with a shunt comes in we get paged before you even look at them lol. And every SAH we find in a dark room with no BP control and ventric ready….just reminiscing. Maybe I’m wrong. You might not even be an ED doc. And you might put your own damn ventrics in lol. I miss it!

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