Who I am


A bit about me. I’m a junior doctor living in the UK, working for the NHS – an institution I couldn’t be more proud of (or more ashamed of our government/the media for constantly slandering). In my spare time I used to enjoy badminton, some rock climbing, and generally getting out and about, but now that I have no spare time I do much less of all of those things. I’ve also been rekindling an old photographic interest and trying my level best not to kill anyone at work. So far, these things are both going well.

NB: All names, dates, and many of the places in this blog have been changed and details altered to avoid any personally identifiable information being inadvertently spilled into the web. It’s not so much to protect myself as those I make mention of. I needed to put this somewhere, so on the bottom of this page is as good a place as any.


4 responses to “Who I am

    • Many thanks! Glad you’re reading (and enjoying). I’m not sure I have ten blogs I read on a regular basis though, so not sure how good an award recipient I can be…! WIll do my best at a later date though.

      • No problem! Will look forward to it. 🙂

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