Getting Trolled By the Government: A Response to the e-petition to debate a vote of no confidence in Jeremy Hunt

A excellent post. I couldn’t have put it better myself (and indeed haven’t, previously). I’ve never reblogged anything before, but this is worth it.

The Government is committed to delivering seven day services to make sure that patients get the same high quality, safe care on a Saturday and Sunday as they do on a week day.

1. The definition of ‘committed’ from google “the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity”. This would suggest a sustained ‘dedication’ to a cause.

2. However, the NHS has seen a fall in funding year on year as % GDP –  9.7 in 2009 (inflatedly high due to the economic recession), to 9.1 in 2013. [1]  The absolute spending per capita has also fallen; from a high of $3916 per head of population in 2007 to $3598 in 2013. This is the lowest bar Italy of the G7 countries (Japan, Canada, US, Italy, France, Germany, and the UK) as well as lower than most of Western Europe and New Zealand.

3. From the data, see…

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