Newcomers – The 70mm Limited

I may (or may not!) have spent some money I shouldn’t have on some camera equipment I didn’t need while moving house. Using big-camera lenses on the Q prompted me to get a big camera out again, and so I read some photography magazines and I perused the internet and I took a few pictures here and there and then I decided that what I really, really needed to take better pictures was a new lens. 70mm limited pentax 2.4

Oops. It arrived just before the weekend, and it is a typically Limited lens. Tiny, ludicrously tight tolerances, and sharp as a tack. The only issue I’ve noticed is a tendency to colour fringing in high-contrast backlit scenes, but as a portrait-type lens it is perfect. Fortuitously, a friend of mine went away for the weekend and I was asked to look after the cats. I hereby have decided to contribute further to the internet repository of cat pictures (amongst other things). My insincere apologies.

Blue-eyesThere’s just something about animals with blue eyes (the kitten does actually have blue eyes, it’s not a colour-change job).

photo in the woodsA friend of mine unwittingly having a photo taken of him taking a photo.

 PoppycockIn Flander’s fields the poppies blow…

TowerAn early-morning token of things to come.

I’ve really been getting back into photography of late, and I’m looking forward to using this mighty-fine piece of kit out and about (as well as being one step closer to my Long-Term Lens Plan)…watch this space.



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