Five Things About Nights

1. The night team is the priority.

2. Sleep is fickle. The night team do not get much, so help in any way you can. For healthcare staff, this means that bending over backwards to ensure they get home on time. For other halves at home, this means don’t be at home when they are sleeping. If you absolutely must be at home, be ninja-silent! Sleep is crucial!

3. Do not hand over crap to the night team. Rewriting drug charts, doing routine bloods, or filling out discharge summaries is daytime work. Make sure it stays there.

4. DO hand over your sick patients to the night team. Nobody likes to be bleeped to a surprise sick person who is peri-arrest, about whom you know literally nothing and who could have been dealt with earlier without needing to break open the crash trolley.

5. Above all else, remember – you are the night team. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but you will have your day in the dark. Feel the love, and see point 1.


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