Ever built a sandcastle, only to find that the tide is coming in? I’ll bet most of you have, and I’ll double-bet that you’ve tried to delay the inevitable by digging a moat in front of your quartzy fortress to drain the sea into. I also know that, despite your best efforts, that didn’t work.

No matter how many of you there are, and how big a castle you have, your digging will never make a decent dent. Each and every wave shifts another load of sand into the hole, and regardless of the speed or the volume you excavate, you cannot ever stop the tide. All you can do is try to stop the waves from battering your castle to the ground. There’s folklore about the larger seventh wave, which comes once in a while to deliver an extra-large swathe of sand to your scrabbling fingers, further frustrating your efforts. The tide never stops coming, and you never stop digging, and the cycle continues.

sandcastleThing is, I enjoy playing in the sand. It is fun even when you are fighting the oncoming ocean.


2 responses to “Sandcastles

  1. Lovely musing. I enjoy playing in the sand too. Sand is no fun otherwise.

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