Round Robin

I was given the Pentax QS-1 body for Christmas. I took it out today as Partner in Climb is on nights and I needed to be out of the house for a while to let her sleep. In my abstract winter wandering I came upon a robin.

Round RobinIt followed me, or I followed it. It wasn’t entirely clear. It could make itself very round indeed.

BerriesThere’s something elegant about the bare branches in winter time. Crisp winter sunshine helps, although it was absolutely freezing. This flash of colour caught my eye.

robinI was using one of the old Pentax 110 lenses – the 70mm telephoto (with crop factor on the QS-1: 330mm). Manual focus might be a bit tricky on impatient wildlife but it let me get a level of detail that was pretty extraordinary. All of these pictures are shot on the 70mm. Click to embiggen.

departureAll journeys come to an end. I’ll review the QS-1 at some point, once I’ve used it enough to justify an opinion. Happy new year!


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