The Perks of Being A Weekendflower

Tenuous title, I know. Couldn’t resist.

I work quite a few weekends. Nowhere near as many as I did previously on A&E, when I was in every other weekend, no sir, but I’m still at work maybe one in five, one in six Saturdays when the majority of other people are not.

Yes, working a weekend means long shifts, little opportunity for socialising, and often (by virtue of missing your weekend) working 8-10 days in a row. Yes, there are fewer staff, and it can be stressful and busy. Yes, its relatively unsupported and, certainly when you’re solo on the wards, it can be lonely.

But….the commute is shorter because there is no traffic! and you can park on parking-restricted streets because it’s the weekend, thereby saving fifty minutes a day of walking!

Ready, go. Credit: HERRA KUULAPAAPhoto credit: HERRA KUULAPAA



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