Levenger L-tech 3.0 Stealth Pen Review

I admit it – I’m addicted to pens. I’m building a collection. I write with a different one every few days, and it wasn’t long ago that I acquired another (thanks internets!). The pen in question bears the catchy title of the Levenger L-tech 3.0 Stealth, and it’s inspired by an old pen by rOtring which, according to the internet, is awesome in every way. I can’t comment on that having never even laid eyes on one, but there we are.

However, I have laid eyes on a picture of the rOtring and I can see that there is definitely a design inspiration. The Levenger L-tech is a chunky brass heptagonal prism, and the ‘stealth’ designation basically translates to ‘all of it is black’. It’s so black, in fact, that I found it rather difficult to photograph in the dim environs of my home. Best effort below.Levenger l-tech 3

It’s solid-brass construction makes it pretty weighty and it feels very well-built – the facets down the length of the pen line up nigh-on perfectly when you screw the cap on, which appeases my obsessive side. The grip is finely knurled and lives up to its name. You can post the cap with a positive ‘click’, but you do end up with a very long pen as a result, which some people might find off-putting when trying to actually write with it. I actually don’t mind the length or weight, but then I like heavy pens.

Speaking of the writing, I’ve found it to be a very pleasant experience indeed. It being stealth, I naturally loaded it with black ink (using the included, somewhat-fancier-than-expected converter and Diamine’s Onyx Black) and although initially the (fine) nib was a little dry and scratchy it soon came into its own – it is now one of the smoothest writers I own.  It also has the distinction of being so black that it’s almost difficult to tell where the nib ends and the line begins (against a bright paper background). The only issue I’ve found is that there is some inconsistency in the flow of ink – very occasional dry starts, and periods when the nib seems to try its level best to empty the converter in the space of a page. I’ll need to try it with another ink (perhaps Waterman’s Intense Black) and see if this is just a quirk of the combination I’m currently using.

Overall, I’m enjoying using the Levenger. It feels indestructible, the nib is butter-smooth (if a little on the wild side) and it’s distinctive looks make for an unusual addition to my burgeoning collection. I think I’d like the looks a bit more if there was a hint of red highlight on it somewhere (more like the rOtring!) but it’s certainly striking.

That, and now I have this bitching tiny hard-case that it came with that I have no idea what to do with. Ker-ching!

Levenger case

EDIT: I keep the hard-case, with the pen, in my bag as a spare. Job’s a good’un.


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