The Other Half

I am typing softly, gently depressing the keys, taking extra care with the space bar as it is the loudest individual on the keyboard. I am wired for sound – headphones atop my head with the volume down, phone muted, speakers off. All my movements are slow, considered, and as close to silent as I am capable of making them. I was going to go for a run, but I have no socks here. They are all locked away in forbidden territory, so I sit in this house, so still, and wait it out.

This is what it is to have your partner on nights at the weekend, and not have plans to be away.

sums it up


2 responses to “The Other Half

  1. I’m hopeless – I’m in and out of the bedroom forgetting things throughout the day. I check with S afterwards and he’s always fine about it, but he is a heavy sleeper. It does then mean I cook for him and look after him when he *is* awake. But yes, I do prefer to be away for the weekend if I can!

    • I would wake up instantly if someone came into the room when I am sleeping on nights. I know this because I am woken up by the sound of laptop-keyboard typing through a closed door and one floor up, or over-loud making of squash. Good hearing not always a virtue!

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