New Hospital Grumbles

I cannot believe that Thishospital doesn’t have XYZ! In Oldhospital they had this, and it was the best thing to grace medicine of all time!

–Everyone who moved hospital ever.

Settling into a new hospital is tricky. There are new electronic systems, protocols, wards, staff, patients. Inevitably, this leads to comparisons. Not all of these are good.

Newhospital, for example, has electronic prescribing. The system automatically (ish) populates people’s medications when they re-attend, highlights drug interactions (in excruciating and often irrelevant detail), and lets you prescribe from anywhere in the hospital. Sounds great, but there aren’t enough computers, so prescribing a drug takes ages. This causes problems on the ward round: “just increase their dose of bisoprolol to 2.5mg” becomes a 5-minute affair as opposed to taking 15 seconds of scribbling. Luckily, the hospital realised this and provided laptops to go with the ward round. Sadly, they haven’t provided enough chargers, so every morning one team has a flat battery. The laptop also relegates one person on the ward round to being the laptop stand, and we don’t have medical students yet.

Paper drug charts? I miss those. Grumble.

Online Prescription Concept




2 responses to “New Hospital Grumbles

  1. Oh, when you said electronic, I imagined you all going around with tablets in your hands and swiping across charts, like they do in Grey’s anatomy. A laptop seems a little less swish…

    • Nope. Electronic stuff in hospital invariably means clunky, barely-fit-for-purpose electronics with significant lag, terrible user interface and battery that is guaranteed to last less time than your ward round. Nothing like the telly, sadly!

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