Pentax QS-1 – Want

I’ve been contemplating upgrading my trusty Pentax Q body to the newer Q7 for a while – larger sensor for better image quality, faster autofocus, improved low-light performance. I was just getting involved in the research and beginning the long, drawn-out process of convincing myself to buy something when up popped the Pentax QS-1 – the upgrade of my upgrade. Hmmm.

QS-1I’ve used the Q a lot, through a huge range of scenarios from kayaking to climbing, at home and on holiday, to take pictures of anything from macros of flowers to hyper-telephoto moonshots. I love the size, the portability, the looks, the build quality – it makes a great package. It is the proverbial ‘camera I have on me’ and so is easily the best camera that I own. Upgrading it is a no-brainer, but the QS-1 has given me pause. Looking through the specs it looks to be very similar to the Q7, as the Q10 was similar to the Q (post-firmware update, at least). Do I wait for the reviews and comparisons and blow-by-blow detailed accounts of every difference, do I just up and buy one because it looks great, or do I go for the Q7 and hope that there is nothing revolutionary in the QS-1 to make me regret my decision?

Or do I just wait for the rain to stop, by which time there will be more info out there? Someone out there who can get their hands on a QS-1 needs to do a review. Quickly, please. I’ve got shopping verve.


3 responses to “Pentax QS-1 – Want

  1. Im almost in the same position as you… well i dont have a q yet but i dont see a reason to spent $200 in only a cosmetic change :0 some say it have a beter sensor and procesor but nothing solid yet and nobody is doing a stupid review… im kind of desperate because im waiting for a month and i cant still order my q because of this situation ._.

  2. The only functional thing QS-q has over older variants is auto-focus in movie mode. If you don’t need it then go for older models for hopefully cheaper price.

    • Seems there are effectively 2 models of the Q – the original/Q10, and the Q7/QS-1. There are substantial differences between the two pairs but within each pairs the changes are primarily cosmetic.

      Won’t stop me asking for a QS-1 over a Q7 for Christmas though.

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