I’m finishing up, knuckling down, and changing around. This Wednesday is Changeover Day, celebrated annually by the media with imaginative titles such as the ‘killing season’ or ‘black wednesday’. It is the day when every junior doctor below specialist registrar grade (and a good deal of those above) move to new posts in new places. This can be a simple as going from one firm to the next or as involved as moving hundreds of miles across the country. To complicate matters, not only is everyone in new posts but, into this unfamiliar environment, appear 7000 new doctors fresh out of medical school.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that this can generate confusion.

Now, I’ve done changeover days bef0re. I did one when I was the new doctor in question, and another last August in the same hospital, but I have never moved hospitals on changeover before. I’m headed to a big tertiary centre from the little district general and, frankly, I’m nervous. Nervous about the work, nervous about new teams and people and system, nervous I won’t know enough or have enough experience. “Nervous I’ll hate it” is probably the best available summary.

Wish me luck.



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