The A&E Team

Colleagues and friends, doctors and nurses, healthcares and radiographers – our work is intense, antisocial and emotionally draining. It’s been us against the tide of patients coming through the door, united against the clock, against the world. We’ve had group hugs after busy shifts, danced in an empty department at 4am, fought tooth and nail to save life and limb and every shift could bring any of those moments back again. There’ve been times when, sat in the centre of a warzone, I have lost hope and despaired. Thank you for being there, for shielding me for a minute or two to so I could get back in the game. I know I have done the same for you.

Thank you for not quibbling about the CT C-spine at 5am, for checking my prescriptions haven’t been given by the ambulance, for taking the bloods and giving the drugs. Thank you for your second opinions on patients, images, blood results, and thank you, triage, for sending that patient to the out of hours GP. Thank you for your efficiency in the tough times, your swift needlework, and your calm in the face of the implacable.

It has been a genuine pleasure, even when at the time it has been far from it. You’re all lifesavers.

Your team-mate, sadly moving on,


Truth through symbolism


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