The limited sunshine on this trip has gotten me thinking that perhaps I ought to (or need to!) shoot more monochrome. Accordingly, I read a cursory few tips on black-and-white photography on the interblag before heading out today and here are the results.

As an additional challenge, these are the first images that I have converted from camera RAW on my tablet. I wonder if they’ve come out too dark, but have no other screen to compare them.

I loved the pattern of the roads in this picture. As with every picture this trip, the mighty Dolomites loom in the background.

ChurchI saw this church while descending off the first ‘proper’ via ferrata I’d ever done. Its simplicity made it stand out, but only an absence of colour could calm the backdrop enough to showcase it.

I liked black and white. It forces you to think differently, look for contrast and texture rather than colour and hue. Would I become a monochrome purist? Absolutely not – I like my golden hours too much – but I can certainly see the attraction. Will I keep converting from RAW on my tablet?* I’ll see what the results look like compared to Lightroom, but on a trip like this one I don’t have much other choice.

I’ve also got a B&W film on the go at the moment, so it will be interesting to see what comes of that!

*I used Photo Mate R2, which as far as I can tell is the only option at present.


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