Adapter Q

A while back Partner in Climb bought me a fancy adapter for mounting my full-size camera lenses on my Pentax Q. The 5.6x crop factor means that even my fisheye is a minimum of 56mm equivalent focal length, which makes using full-scale lenses for wide work basically impossible.lensoscope

On the other side of the scale, my cheapo Tamron 70-300mm zoom becomes a whopping 390-1680mm zoom lens (as well as looking patently ridiculous attached to such a tiny camera). A few minutes ago I took it outside.

MoonshotShot semi-handheld by precariously balancing the camera on a the edge of the pavement. 1680mm, 1/30s @ f4, ISO 125.

It’s not the sharpest, it’s not the most detailed, but hell to that – I can see craters on the moon! I have got to fetch my tripod from my parents house (and find a sharper long lens).


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