Rain and Anecdotal Statistics

The other day was a filthy, rainy, windy morning. Lunchtime rolled around and the sun came out, and within the hour we had not one, not two, but three people admitted with head injuries after being thrown from horses. Statistical nuance – people who were safe staying indoors came out to ride their horses when the sun came out. Interesting tidbit – horses do not like strong winds.

A&E gives a lovely anecdotal look at what people do with themselves depending on the weather, the time of day, and the time of year. Drunks come in late, people break their hips at Christmas, and sunny summer days are an invitation for people to fall on their outstretched hands (the ‘FOOSH’). Sometimes you also get the fun facts – I’d never have found out about windy days making horses more skittish without being told by patients who’d been thrown off them.

Rainy days are the best. Grim, foul days where people do not want to leave the house. They are less likely to hurt themselves at home, do fall off ladders/scaffolding outside, or set themselves on fire with an angle grinder.* There’s also that other bonus about rainy days: you aren’t missing anything by being at work.

Unfortunately rain doesn't stop everyone.

Bring on the rain.

*If there is one thing I learned from my burns/plastic surgery rotation it was never use an angle grinder.**
**The second thing was don’t stand too near other people using an angle grinder.


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