The End is Nigh

Hark! The end is nigh! After 12 months of days, nights, on-calls and weekends F1 is coming to a close. My provisional registration with the GMC is set to lose that prefix and with that comes a whole bunch more responsibility, including being able to send patients home without them having been seen by anybody else (!), and having my own F1s. Scary stuff.* It used to be that I would go from being a PRHO (pre-registration house officer) to a house officer, but the new foundation year system means that I’m going to answer my bleep with the title ‘SHO’ (senior house officer) and that interim year has been lost. Sadly, SHO sounds somewhat more responsible than a mere house officer, and that additional year you used to have is gone forever. The new system, they say, is simpler, and titles are clean – things like F1/F2, then moving on to CMT1-3, or sometimes CT or ST1-2 which is usually different to CMT but not always, and then going into ST3-7. Simple indeed. At least consultant remains the same throughout.

Nevertheless, these are exciting times! I’ve changed a lot over the last year and I’m quite ready to get on with F2, to be honest – it’s nice to not have too much responsibility but after a year of being bottom of the pile it will be nice to take on some new challenges.

New challenges, new year, new F1s and new F2s, new house, new titles. The end is nigh?

Up, up and away.

Up, up and away.

Not yet it isn’t.

*Thinking about responsibility reminded me of this TED talk. It’s well worth a watch. It’s only ten minutes. Go ooooon.


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