Q Challenge – Week 3

Week three has seen a bit more stuff happen than week two, making a photographic challenge quite a bit simpler. I’ve also had the pleasure of cheating (slightly) my own rule of not buying any lenses for the Q – instead, I got an adapter that allows me to stick any of my Auto 110 lenses on the Q and really hammer out the 5.5x crop factor. As it happens I’ve only taken the 50mm Auto 110 lens out making for an effective 275mm on the Q. Apparently terns aren't much good at flying so that they can be good at diving. This is taken with the 50mm Auto 110 lens on the Q. The lens is markedly soft – it’s just not designed for modern sensors especially one as small as the one on the Q.  I was also stood in seawater to my knees with the tide coming in and couldn’t see the screen because of the blazing sunlight, but I still caught a couple of photos of diving terns that I thought would be worth sharing. Retro lens, retro looks, it would seem. Lost shoes, anyone? Found some shoes on a table at Partner in Climb’s graduation ball. In an empty hall full of black-and-white chairs, this just appealed to me. Encompassing compass I had a sea kayaking trip (hence the standing in seawater etc), which was pretty awesome (although getting swamped by the incoming tide smashing into a ferry as it went past made for very rough water and some touch-and-go paddling to try and avoid getting swept away). This was the rather funky compass that floated in its own crystal ball in the front of one of the kayaks. This is also roughly as macro as the standard Q 8.5mm prime can get – the red North marker is pretty much at minimum focus distance. Turning tern. And finally, a tern twisting into a dive. It’s not sharp, it’s not well composed, but I just loved the white edges of the wings and the ridiculous spin down to plummet into the waves. It emerged fish-in-beak, and well earned!


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