Q Challenge – Week 2

The difficult second post (first post and premise). Unfortunately, due to a confluence of nights and a weekend trip away in which the Q did not feature extensively I’ve had little time for outings, but nevertheless it’s done its fair share of shooting.  I’ve found that the automatic HDR mode is plain weird – it makes things look strange: Odd contrast flatness. Weird. See what I mean? For comparison, here is an HDR-off image of a similar part of the field I was stood in. Much less weird. It looks weird. I think I’ll leave that mode off for the time being, although it no doubt works fine in black and white. I’ll try that next week. Either way, on to some actual photos of stuff that has happened this last week.   There was a better one but it had faces in =/ I like this one brecause you don’t necessarily notice the editing instantly, but its so blindingly obvious. Gear is colourful stuff. Hospitals are not the most photogenic of buildings. I was on nights. I took my camera in every night for four night shifts in the hope of there being a good sunrise and this is the best I could do, bleep permitting. It’s not a great photo, but dammit I took the camera in and so the picture is going up here. Crags get the best names. Windgather crag in the Peak district. Lovely place to climb and I enjoyed the contrasty-ness so much I got a bit carried away. I’m much more appreciative of B&W photography on the Q, I actually think of how something might look in monochrome rather than colour and often it is better. However, I need to get out of the habit of actually shooting in black and white because I’ve had to toss a few pictures that on reflection would have been much better in colour. This image is stark and harsh and I like it that way – some of the other pictures I’ve taken don’t suit that style so well. That’s probably it for this week: not been that much opportunity as I mentioned. We’ll see what the rest of the month will bring but I have managed to secure a Q to 110 lens adapter so you could see some pictures appearing through 40 year-old glass shortly. ’til then!


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