Q Challenge – First Week

Overall, fairly successful. alright alright, some actual content. First impressions are mixed – the camera itself is lovely. It is small. It is light. It came out on a stag night and it survived. It feels wonderfully solid in the hand and it has settings galore: so many, in fact, that when I put the ND filter on during the day I immediately forgot it was on and as a result took the entire evenings photos compensating for 2 f-stops of additional self-inflicted darkness. That brings me neatly on to the bugbear – high ISO performance is grainy. Even limiting the maximum ISO to 600-800 resulted in a striking drop in quality and usability of the photos I was taking (of course, I might not have needed the higher ISOs if I’d only taken the ND filter off but nevertheless!). I am strongly reminded of the Auto 110, which is no bad thing in many ways – everything about that mini-SLR was charming, although the image quality was somewhat hit-and-miss. Regardless: they say the highest quality camera is the one you have on you so I think in future I’ll restrict the ISO range to below 250 and go from there. Not only that, but the aim of the Q challenge wasn’t to review the camera but to take more pictures. Without further ado, pictures! All images are full-size on the clicking if you want to peer closely at them. My new old bike!In honour of the 110, I’ll start with a picture that I took while waiting for 20 minutes in a deserted station in the countryside. I used the Q’s built-in post-processing to provide a retro look by changing the white balance and emphasising the contrast. This image comes directly from the camera, with no further computer-based editing. Q-4 Next up, a not-especially-unique picture of a church/cathedral (not sure which) in Bournemouth where the stag night occurred. I took this mainly just to see what sort of images I could get off the camera. Apologies for the un-exciting composition. Cursed ND filter forgetfulness At this point we were in a fairly gloomy pool hall, made more gloomy from the perspective of the Q because of my own incompetence with the built-in ND filter. The ISO was beginning to show so I used high-contrast monochrome (again in-camera) to add a bit of drama. I must admit to rather liking the grain in this picture. Delicious all-you-can-eat everything And lastly for this week, a picture of food, all the rage these days. This was the ridiculously filling restaurant we ate at, with an all-you-can-eat buffet that must have been about 50m long in total (including dessert). I’ve never been presented with so many options for dinner in my life and as a consequence was so full I could have died. That’s all for this week. I’m on nights next week, so that could make things interesting, I might test the night-shooting abilities of the Q if I have time. ’til then.


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