Snapshots 02

Getting it together

Sitting in the teaching session. A dozen junior doctors hand in their bleeps, whip out some lunch, and tuck in while the consultant prepares slides on new-onset confusion in the elderly. There are patient lists on the tables, chatter ranges from what happened to that patient I saw on nights, to pub tonight? and everyone is calm and cheerful and confident managing this patient with a fresh-blood PR bleed as I put in a large-bore cannula and order another 500ml fluid bolus, cross-match 4 units of blood, and in the morning the consultant surgeon is happy with my management and thanks me for not calling him out of the hospital and heading off to the previously-discussed pub, we are sitting in the sunshine and the talk is of many things and flits between medicine, holiday plans, what’s going to happen next year in our new rotations, what the new F1s will be like and god how did we get by when we had so little experience has taught me many things and the more I learn the more I realise I still need to know, a crushing weight of knowledge that I know is missing yet another badminton session because I’m on-call and I’m concerned that my interests are washing away in a tide of medicine and on-calls and yet another night shift is over and the morning has never looked so beautiful and after 13 hours in the dark in the wards the sunlight hurts my eyes but I drink it in because this time walking home is the only time I get any daylight this week is finished and I can look back on it during the ritual removal of my patient lists from my clipboard/mind before I leave the ward, and I’m only half an hour late out and that’s my usual finishing time anyway, it’s a job well done this week and sure, sometimes it’s all too much and people break and it’s not always the patients but it’s the weekend and we are free.


One response to “Snapshots 02

  1. 1) I like the design. I usually read in my RSS reader so it might’ve been this way for ages, but I like it.
    2) This is an interesting and clever post.

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