Awkward Silence

Soooo, it’s been a little while since I was about on here. Apologies for that, I could claim I’ve been busy but I’ve just had a wasted week off so perhaps not so much. You’ll be more pleased to note (if you are pleased by reading things on the internet, at least) that I am substantially less sleep-deprived than I was when I last scribbled something down. Winner.

Part of the reason that I’ve not been writing is because things have been steady. The weather has been improving; I got myself a new road bike on the cycle2work scheme and it is gorgeous, so I’ve been taking that out for ever-increasing distances over the past few weeks. I’ve had some problems with my knee cycling long distances in the past before so I’m slowly building up the amount of cycling and (hopefully) the strength of my tendons and ligaments is building up as a result. I’m also losing a bit of weight, based on my all-singing all-dancing weight loss plan: cycle at least 50 miles a week, and eat whatever you damn well please. It’s going well. In fact, I’m going to hit the road in a moment to go visit Partner in Climb, 25 miles away.

Speaking of Partner in Climb, she’s in the middle of her finals at the moment – another reason things haven’t been that exciting recently. Her revision makes me feel like I should be working, and as a consequence I’ve been much more productive lately – clearing out the house, the doctor’s mess, chasing up audits and generally being a busybody. It’s odd – I can feel the stress and nerves that finals generated in me still echoing back to me from her workload and I feel a mite tense as a result. Fingers crossed she passes (she should, she’s smarter than me). If she does, there’ll be some changes around here in September. Big, exciting, and slightly terrifying changes. Watch this space.

My bike looks exactly like this but muddier and with pedals.


2 responses to “Awkward Silence

  1. At least 50 miles a week? *faints*

    I want to know about prospective changes. Now. Or y’know, whenever you have the time to tell…

    • 50 miles a week isn’t much on a bike, that’s 3-4 hours of cycling depending on how fast you go. A 30 mile cycle after work when the sun is shining is a pretty good way to wind down after a long day =)

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