Is there are better time of year to be negative than the beginning of Lent? Everywhere, you are confronted by people giving up their crutches and moaning about their subsequent inability to walk properly. Not only that, but you feel bad about using said crutch around people – eating chocolate, drinking coffee, or whatever-other-thing has caught the ire of your mates.

Problem is that everything about Lent is a subtraction. You don’t bring new things into your life – you just strip out things you enjoy. Credit where credit is due – giving up smoking or even chocolate is difficult and does, begrudgingly, deserve approval, but what goes in its place? All too often, miserable uncaffeinated morning people, tired ex-chocolatiers, and people refusing to go to the pub in case they crack and order the cake.

I have a proposition. I am not giving anything up for Lent; instead, I am taking things up. I am going to go to the gym or out for a run at least twice a week. I am going to cook more, and heat things up less. I will, for the sake of the austerity message of Lent, give up Domino’s; more in the interest of saving money than calories.

And to all of you Lenters doing it properly – the best of luck. 39-and-a-half days to go!Lent is for life indeed.


2 responses to “Lent

  1. Nice idea. A little Christian oriented for my liking (understandable, what with Lent being a Christian thing and all) but otherwise a series of good things that people should be doing with Lent. *approve*

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