In Which I Go To A Pub Quiz

In a bold attempt to escape the shadow of the hospital, some of the F1s (myself included) went out on Thursday to a pub quiz. Starts at half eight, we thought. We’ll do quiz, grab some food, and be home by half eleven or so for bed. We can take it.

It began well; drinks, burgers, and a thoroughly unsuccessful first round (name the animal characters in these pictures – brutal). By 9:30 there were contagious yawns crisscrossing the table (the riddle round), and by 10:00 heads were beginning to droop (Who am I?). Come 10:30, the quiz still raging around us (history – who was Henry VIII’s 4th wife?), we were wilting and by 11 two people were asleep on the table, and the rest of us were sporting thousand-yard stares and trying not to blink for fear of never opening our eyes again.

We finished the quiz and didn’t even wait for it to be marked before going home.

Moral of the story – make your pub quizzes shorter.


And don’t go out with doctors on a school night.


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