Tomorrow is my first day at work. In fact, it is the first day of work for all 7000-something junior doctors nationwide (and in a fit of poor organisation, the first day in new jobs for everyone else up to registrars – that’s roughly 4-5 years worth of doctors swapping over or starting tomorrow morning).

It’s a weird first day though, because actually I’ve been doing my job since monday. I came off the ward not twenty minutes ago, having spent the day making sure that as much as possible has been organised so that I don’t need to do it the rest of the week. It’s less nerve wracking knowing that as much paperwork as possible has been completed under the watchful eye of the outgoing F1s before we’re set loose tomorrow – hopefully it will give us some breathing space.

Today concludes shadowing week. Next time I’m in the hospital it’s for real.


2 responses to “Shadowboxing

  1. Oh, I remember those days. Good luck and I am so glad those days are behind me. Now I am just worried cause I could not find my youngest child’s social security card for Pre-K while trying to manage a dopamine drip rate. But all is well that ends well, you will do well if your blogs are any indication of your skill, and I got the drip titrated and BP/UO back in line and found the card. Good luck.

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