As you may know, I am homeless this year. All of my stuff fits neatly into two bags (and a small box for food), and I cart these around to every placement I go to. All well and good, I get a free roof over my head and at night I have most of what I need to hand, most of the time. There are only two practical downsides to this situation: the first is related to multiple kilos of textbooks, and the other to that student haven of knowledge and timewasting most people call the internet.

As an example, this is the internet I had to contend with when I first arrived in my current placement:

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, you say? Well, I wouldn’t. Not usually. This hospital, however, is different to all the others in that it actually tries to charge you for the priviledge of internet that I kid you not is slower than dial up.* They in fact charge you £15 a month, which as you know should be enough to buy internet that can transport you, your family and your car into hyperspace and back three times a day. This outrageous rip off makes me livid, especially when I paid the price for the first month expecting it to actually function.

For a while I managed to maintain my internet addiction (and ability to apply for my jobs next year, you hospital IT admin pillocks – who doesn’t even have an internet connection IN THEIR GODDAM LIBRARY) using my phone and broadcasting interblag over the airwaves. Sadly, I have a 500mb plan so this was not to be a long-lived partnership. Paying the evildoers for their shinternet was not an option either. As such, I bit the bullet and got myself one of these charmingly-named ‘dongles’.

You know what? It’s brilliant. I have a cap on it but if I’m downloading an infinite amount of HD iPlayer or games off Steam then I’ll do it at the weekend on Partner in Climb’s broadband connection. For everything else it is indescribably convenient. I get speeds of around 3-4mbps reliably, . I can download the odd episode of something and I don’t need to leave my computer on overnight (or overweek) to do so. It’s on a 1 month rolling contract so when I want it to stop, I can make it stop. Then I can start it again later on when (and I’m sure it will be ‘when’) I need it again. One thing though, beyond all this rhyme and reason, give me the most satisfaction: denying a good-for-nothing company their ill gotten gains.


And man, did I get some iTunes vouchers from my extended family this Christmas!

*not just about the kbps either. My new ping record was 8 seconds.


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