General Felicitations

I’ve been a busy man, these last few weeks, and as a result this blog fell somewhat silent. It was bound to happen sometime, I’m certain you all managed to survive without it (just). Anyway, I’m back now, and although this next five months is going to be intense I am hoping to find some time to scribble some posts here and there. First order of business, though, is HAPPY NEW YEAR / CHRISTMAS / WINTER SOLSTICE / HOLIDAYS to you all (delete as appropriate) and I hope you’ve got a grand year coming. I usually take some time to make some New Year’s Resolutions about now, usually pretty simple ones like ‘don’t be a git’ and ‘have fun’. This year, I’ve boiled even these easy-to-remember axioms down to one, two-word statement of intent.

Pass finals.

Yup, it would be nice to lose a bit of weight, get a bit fitter, get more flexible, do more climbing, and give up money laundering or whatever addiction is the flavour of the month but all of these things, important as they are, are nothing compared to the overriding directive that is to pass, to succeed, to make the last five years of my life matter and to finish the year with a smile on my face and a paycheck in my pocket.* If I accomplish some of the other things along the way that’ll be grand too, don’t get me wrong, but it’s all a lower priority.

May the new year bring with it what you’d will it to.


*roughly translates as ‘no longer in my overdraft but nevertheless on the brink, still/again, thanks a bunch Student Loans Company for cutting my student loan in half this year you evil financiers.’


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