Month in Pictures: October ’11

This month, armed with norealcamerawhatsoever, I have had to use the camera on my (new, and sparkly!) phone for the content. It’s surprisingly good, actually – obviously it is still a camera in a phone but it is better than any I have used before!

This month has been all about the slow and sedentary pace of psychiatry. Next month, in what I can only describe as a jarring gear change, will be the high-speed, high-pressure environ of A&E. Exciting times!

Autumn has hit, finally, and it is cold and soon-to-be-dark, and I am not happy about it. The dark, anyway.

Managed to go climbing though despite the cold! Sadly, rain on the first day meant we had to retire to a cove where the ‘easy’ climbs were not easy at all (f6c was the easiest grade, for those of you in the know!). The second day was vastly more successful and it is grand to be climbing again after 5 months off. I do hurt in all sorts of places I normally wouldn’t, but the weekend was worth every grimace!


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