“There was a young man from the town
Who had a penchant for falling down
Lucky for him
The fracture was slim
And now he has nary a frown.”

Cons: Broke arm again, playing football again, radial head again.
Pros: Am real-life Wolverine, no plaster, 5 days post-fracture am back to full range of movement.


Bit of medical education for you all. On an arm x-ray image, when you cannot see a fracture, look for the ‘fat pad sign’. See the dark shadow behind the humerus (upper arm bone)? That is a fat pad, and it’s not normally seen. Only when there is a break into the joint and the joint swells do the fat pads get pushed outwards and made visible. There is one at the front as well, opposite the posterior pad, but it’s not as clear on this film. My radiograph was much better for seeing them, ironically.


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