Some of you may wonder why I abandoned my old blog for this new, not-much-shinier-or-indeed-much-different site. Originally, my blog was just a place for random musings and whatever, and I guess it still is, but I lost something of my anonymity along the way. Sadly/wonderfully, I have a very unusual name and hence am very easy to track by small snippets of information. I work in an increasingly sensitive environment and feel a need to remove that trace.

So, why bring you people back? Anonymous isn’t much if (lets face it) most of my readers know who I am and have met me down a pub in Birmingham. The point is that I miss being a part of the group, and so this is the best compromise I can think of that will let me blog and comment on people, but not be quite so startlingly identifiable across the interweb. There is no mention of my locations here, the university I attend, the hospital I am placed in, nothing. I will aim to keep it that way and hopefully keep at least some of the posts worth reading.

A quick explanation. There are more interesting posts in the works, I promise.

NB: All names, dates, and many of the places in this blog have been changed and details altered to avoid any personally identifiable information being inadvertently spilt into the web. It’s not so much to protect myself as to shield those I make mention of. I needed to put this somewhere, so on the bottom of this post is as good a place as any.


4 responses to “Changes

  1. Hurrah! Almost-anonymity FTW! πŸ˜‰

    “no mention of my locations”

    “…in a pub in Birmingham”

    I look forward to that which is to come…

  2. Good luck finding a trace of me in ‘a pub in Birmingham’! After all, there can’t be THAT many and people in Birmingham *are* known for their incredible memories.

    Also, just accidentally logged in here without my login logged in…those adverts are pretty shite. “Dermatologists don’t want you to find out her wrinkles secret”?

    Why on earth do dermatologists care?!

  3. I’m just sayin’, it’s the details that lead to the fuller picture and it’s easy to add up inferences, almost subconsciously, over time and, of course, there’s the connections made to other people who might also have an online presence and might also mention and might be less dedicated to anonymity. Though unless someone was specifically seeking you out, I doubt it’ll make much difference… πŸ˜›

  4. I just have to cherry pick my details. I find that a few little details make things more readable and grounded, somehow – with nothing you’re left with a reduced connection to the author or events in the entry. Might just be me, but that’s the impression I get from perusing the interblag.

    Doesn’t mean that all the details herein are true – some are borrowed from different stories and combined into one, others are fabricated as required by law, but the essence of the tale is the same. Seeing as that’s what I’m aiming to get across, that is how it’ll have to be =)

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