Month in Pictures: June ’11

You know that lurch in the stomach you get when a train jerks out of immobility to cart you off to your destination? To start final year after a year of mind-numbing research is a bit like that. A lurch before settling into a rhythm, doing the crossword, and hoping you don’t fall asleep and miss your stop.

I know this is month in pictures and all, but my new lens only arrived recently so I haven’t had time to take many photos with it yet. I have also had to move out of my house of 3 years and go back to my parent’s for six weeks, and I’m commuting to placement every day again. It is a strange experience. I am a third of the way through my third decade: I feel too old to be living at home. I am too old to be living at home.

In six weeks I’ll be interrailing around a variety of towns and cities, each stop a new hospital and a different department, starting with surgery and finishing with paediatrics. Ultimate aim is to know what I’m talking about so that I can be both safe and competent as a doctor. Scary thought for the day is that by this time next year I’ll know whether I succeeded. It’s intimidating, yes, but exciting which makes it somehow easier to leave all those years in university have been left behind (I know I’m still on the course but it doesn’t feel like I’m at university anymore!) University was good to me and all but nothing lasts forever. I will treasure the memories but change is the way of the world.

I only had a frightfully boring picture of my old house key for this month, but luckily it got sucked through a psychedelic dimension on it’s way to the memory card. This photo concludes 4 years of joyous habitation in City I Lived. As the station announcer robot would say: this train terminates here. All change, please.

The train now departing Platform 1 is the 06:35 to F1, calling at: Surgery, Psychiatry, Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Paediatrics.


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