Month in Pictures: May ’11

Well, I was going to dedicate this months post to pictures taken with my new lens, but what with it not having been delivered yet I am left somewhat short on such images. As such, the theme this month is instead night photography, to metaphorically coincide with the holiday between fourth and final year. Convenient and meaningful, dontchaknow.

The skyline from a jetty in a bay, somewhere in southern Ireland. I had no tripod and no shutter release and just had to balance my camera on a piece of wood and hope.

This was taken at a bonfire in my garden – someone happened to have shone a torch at the lady and it just came out right. There was some post-processing to remove clutter in the photo.

Wire wool poi spinning, in one of the city ‘green spaces’. No grass was harmed in the making of this photo.

<photo of star trails>

I’d have included a photo of star trails here, but Adobe has royally messed up in the activation of my now-expired Lightroom trial. Whole they authenticated me as a student entitled to cheapy-cheapy versions of everything they do, when they sent me the serial number the e-mail read like this. No changes have been made but I cut out the boring bits.

“Thank you for contacting Adobe.

Thank you for your proof of academic status. Here is your new serial number: [serial number]

We encourage you to take the time to register your new Adobe product. Once you have…”

Unbelievable. Trust me when I say that there was no serial anywhere in the e-mail. I looked extensively. Star trails shot is therefore to follow, once they get back and send me an actual, useful e-mail.


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