Half-way There

Man, twenty days into a chocolate-free Lent and I am surprising myself. I know, it’s incredible to think that twenty days are down and yet despite that I actually, kinda really want chocolate.

Like really. I’m not sure what it is but I do actually miss it. I’m not wavering in my resolve to finish this ultimate test of will (particularly!) but that is now purely because I am blindly stubborn rather than because I logically see the benefits in abstaining. I positively enjoyed the first couple of weeks – all this new food that seemed to phase into the visible spectrum around the chocolate-containing regions of the supermarket shelves, the exotic non-cocoa based flavours that otherwise fall through the net – but now the excitement of new discovery is gone and I long for some of the traditional vice’n’caramel.

I’ve also encountered, surprisingly, a practical difficulty. It’s nearly the end of the semester, which this year is surprisingly long due to the lateness of Easter. As such, I am now catastrophically poor and living off the dregs of silver in my change pot for the final week or so of this term.* This week, I am also on placement in the hospital which means lunch is not the cash-efficient freezer-scavenge that I’m used to. In unrelated news, a large bar of chocolate is ¬£1 from the shop in the hospital, and does sterling service as a quick and easy lunch that is, above all, easy on the wallet. You see the not-so-obscure link.

It has, I’ll admit, gotten to the point that I am considering lapsing on Sundays; despite this being a perfectly ‘legal’ thing to do in terms of Lent it still feels like cheating somewhat akin to being a vegetarian who eats roast beef for Sunday lunch. I may be forced to make an exception for Partner in Climb’s birthday meal out, which includes family and having to continue to make good impressions and stuff, so I may be forced to collapse a bit there.

Fortunate it’s on a Sunday, eh?

*my terms this year are hard to define, they are more self-determined than anything but the ‘official’ uni holidays start end of this next week. Or might be this week. We truly are isolated from the main university student body…


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