Riddle Me This

The Scene: a long coach journey of >3 hours duration.
The Game: Bands. You have to name a band/singer/ The next person has to name a band/singer that starts with the last letter of the one before: e.g. Dire Straits, Simple Plan, No Doubt.
The Twist: Nobody wants the game to peter out, because then the coach resumes maximum boredom ratings. As such, everyone provides clues as to what things are with a view to still being challenging, but enabling people to continue when their ideas have run out.
The Challenge: Question is – how many of these can you solve? (some go straight for the artist, others to a song by that artist)

1. R. She’s a Latin queen…with the synonym of a ghost.

2. E. Who’s the doctor who can speak to animals?

3. M. It’s a serious criminal act, but there’s no colour.

4. R. You’ve been decapitated and replaced by a wireless.

5. S. There has been intentional loss of life somewhere that is usually home to groovy moves.

6. G. She survives.

7. S. The initial deliberate self harm was the worst.

Good luck! I can’t remember any more but I’m only exaggerating a little when I say there were hundreds of clues blown about the coach in the two hours or so we were in transit.


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