I don’t think enough of the UK population truly appreciate the BBC. They whine about the license fee, the quality of Outcasts, the pay of presenters (some of which, admittedly, is a bit outrageous) but they are missing the important point.

The BBC is the best news agency in the world.

It is a beacon of international impartiality and as a consequence I’ve seen the BBC News on screens in countries across the world, being watched by english speakers and non-english speakers alike, just because they trust it. I’ve listened to the BBC World Service radio in isolated parts of the Himalayas where nothing else could be picked up. The BBC news website is one of the first to be blocked when a government seeks to deny awareness to its people, and it gets blocked because (unlike most state news agencies) it provides a propaganda-free take on the truth. At any one time hundreds of journalists are on the ground across the world getting this truth out, often at significant personal risk, and I for one am proud to pay my license fee and support them. In the end, there is nothing that makes me more proud to be British than our British Broadcasting Corporation.

And nothing says it better.


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